» Beefeater In-Edit started as a music documentary film festival but, after some years and after learning about the industry needs, we are trying to be a brand focused on music documentary in general and decided to create our own distribution area: IN-EDIT Master Series. We know are difficult times for distribution but we need to be more than a festival that just runs for ten days and try to contribute to give distribution and explotation possibilities.


» These are the documentaries we directly distribute in Spain through Inedit Master Series:



Venid a las cloacas: La historia de la Banda Trapera del Río

Daniel Arasanz - Spain - 2010 - 90'

They were the real deal, without tricks or theatrics: 70’s kids from Cornellà, delinquents, gang-members and pimps, children of immigrants, foul-mouthed and hooked on drugs, the nightmare of the cançó and the layetanos. At last, a documentary about the group with the biggest balls in Spain, Punks before anyone knew what it was about, self-destructive and proud. Quake in your boots, people, Trapera’s back. 

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Trip to Asia. The quest for harmony

Thomas Grube - Germany - 2009 - 109'

A deep study of the deep microcosmos that an orchestra means. Concespts such as ego/community, isolation and effort, competition/harmony are studied through a tour of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in Asia. A glance to the ego and personality of 126 musicians that must sound as one.

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Dame Veneno

Pedro Barbadillo - España - 2007 - 57'

How to explain an inexplicable record and banda, Veneno's Veneno? With Monty Pithons style graphics, rock and roll, drugs, underground, pictures from the spanish time of shantytowns and, of course, Kiko veneno and Amador brothers' music.

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Kurt Cobain. About a Son

AJ Schnack - EE.UU. - 2006 - 96'

Kurt Cobain on the phone. Omitting his face, his voice alone slides through interviews and the frozen landscapes of Seattle. The fatally wounded and ill-fated genius of Nirvana autobiographies in this unique testament.

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Leonard Cohen. I'm your man

Lian Lunson - EE.UU. - 2005 - 105'

The composer of silence, sadness and introspection at last opens his lips to explain his life and work. Rufus Wainwright, Jarvis Cocker, Bono and others reinterpretate him.

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» What's more, thanks to the collaboration we maintain with Cameo for distribution on DVD, you can also find the following titles in stores on the Inedit Master Series label:



Metal: A headbanger's journey

Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen - Canada - 2005 - 96'

An anthropologist who also happens to be a metal-head analyzes the metallic (from Satanism and sound to hair-do and attitude) from a refreshing analytical perspective. Unmissable.

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Global Metal

Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen -Canadá -2007 - 93'

The authors of Metal;: A Headbanger's Journey returns, this time with a world tour (of heavy metal) Asia, Israel, Poland... A planetary phenomena that never stops.  

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Director: David Lachapelle - USA - 2005 - 86'

An urban phenomenon from the east coast of France,  Krumping writhes around before our very eyes. An aggressive and shocking dance, like a  French break-dance fallen from heaven. 

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Pepe Sales: Pobres pobres que els donguin pel cul

Albert Pla & Lulú Martorell - Spain -2007 -76'

Poet, musician, convict and damned, favourite dead composer of Albert Pla - who codirects and appears in the documentary - is homaged in a  revision of his life. 

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