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In-Edit Made in Barcelona is out!


El libro explica los primeros trece años de vida del festival y presenta lo más destacado del documental musical

In-Edit was born in 2003 in Barcelona with the ambition of elevating the music documentary as a film genre. The initiative by Uri Altell and Alberto Pascual (whose work and legacy would be continued by his brother Cristian) was deeply embedded in its city of origin and over the years, has successfully expanded to other countries.


This book reviews the history of music documentaries, specifically throughout the 13-year lifespan of the festival, an unmissable annual event for film-lovers, music-fans and anyone that loves a great story. With the sole aim of learning and a common goal: to feel, share and have a good time. Edited and conceived by Toni Castarnado, it features the stories and experiences of 75 collaborators.    

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