Tierra de Cierzo: Al este del Moncayo

Director Jorge Nebra
Spain / 85 min. / 2009 / Spanish

An untold story of Spanish pop. The saga of Aragonese rock’n’roll that spans from the 70’s until today, with its heroes, its fallen angels and its damned. A fertile and mutant scene: from John Landis Fans to Bunbury-Heroes and Amaral, de Las Novias to El Niño Gusano. Because in the cold north wind, flowers also grow.


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In Spanish pop there’s an untold story, of battles past that haven’t been interpreted, and defeats not registered in the codexes. Without romanticizing: there are things yet to be revealed and understood, dammit! Among these midlands that haven’t earned themselves a chapter in The History of Spanish Pop (we mean by the book, not a photo credit or a footnote), lies Aragón. The place that’s the other side of everything. The place that appears not to exist until you start looking back and the names hit you like boulders. And they’re all here claiming place and memory, even going as far as to assure us that “Aragón went a step beyond in all the trends that hit the peninsula”, or “Aragonese music was better than that of any other Spanish city.” Truth or myth? You’ll have to watch Tierra de Cierzo to find out, but leaving the step beyond bit aside, the truth is in the story. This film reveals the saga of Aragonese rock & roll in meticulous detail, from the 70’s up until today, with its heroes, its fallen angels and its damned. What we see on the big screen is a fertile and mutant scene that goes from one extreme to the other: from John Landis Fans’ passionate garage to Niños del Brasil and Héroes del Silencio’s epic-gothic vibes, Tachenko to Amarale Las Novias to El Niño Gusano, Telephunken (ex-Nothing) to Violadores del Verso. And last but not least Labordeta (who was a fan of Las Novias). And the bars? These haunts can’t be underestimated: their role in Aragón is fundamental, ‘cos that’s where they all hang out, old and new from Metro to BV80, from Mañana to El Sol. You see, in the cold north wind, flowers also grow; you’ve just got to know where to look. Just over there - on the other side.


Jorge Nebra is Aragonese, studied in Cuba and is friends with Manolo Kabezabolo (he collaborated in one of his shorts). He’s the author of the feature-length Habanece (2003). His third film, Ángel, is currently in pre-production.


Entradas BCN

Premiere type

Showing format

Festival Nacional de Cine de Zaragoza (Special Jury Nomination), Premios de la Música Aragonesa (Best Year's Audiovisual)

in festivals
14º Festival nacional de cine de Zaragoza, I Festival de cine independiente del Matarraña (Teruel).

Amaral, Héroes del Silencio (P. Andreu),Labordeta, Violadores del Verso, Tachenko, Telephunken, Las Novias, Niños del Brasil, Los peces, El niño gusano, Volador, Distrito 14, Tako, Especialistas, Carmen París, Cachi, Matías Uribe, Gabriel Sopeña.

Jorge Nebra

Luis Añón, Jorge Nebra

Ignacio Villanueva, Andrés Cisneros

Julián Martín, Natalia Martínez

Film company
Ovelba films

Film distributor
Ovelba films

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