El Camino Más Largo

Director Alexis Morante
Spain / 88 min. / 2015 / Spanish - English


The path is the goal. Bunbury takes a leap of faith and humility by embarking on an austere imperial tour “like olden-day rockers”: band, van and highway. An exercise in finding one’s roots, laden with reasons to trip up, fall and get back up again. A rock star and his band, and 228 tickets sold in Salt Lake City.


"There's a moment along the way in which you know that from then on, everything is gonna go in another direction", Enrique Bunbury declares at the start of this film. Because this is a story of ironclad will. Our Aragonese-global rocker takes a leap of faith and quadruple somersault of modesty, by embarking on an austere imperial tour "like old-time rockers": man, van and tarmac. He cooks up the idea after a macro-concert at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. On the fly, starting from scratch. And no sooner said than done, Bunbury and his band travel through American cities, way beyond their comfort zone, to see what gives. This is an exercise in rediscovering roots, but also reasons, an odyssey laced with trip-ups, tumbles and get-ups. It has moments of pathos, Spinal Tap moments, moments of communal gags (the entire band belting out  the '80's Spanish metal classic: "Mi rollo es el rock"), and moments of social drama (when immigrants without papers can't get into a gig). A rock star, his cat, his girlfriend and his band, and 228 tickets sold in Salt Lake City. "The road is the destination."

Entradas BCN


Showing format

Enrique Bunbury, Robert Castellanos, Ramón Gacías, José Girl, Jordi Mena, Jorge Rebenaque, Nacho Royo, Álvaro Suite, José Andrés, Andreu Buenafuente.

Alexis Morante, Raúl Santos

Alexis Morante

Carlos García de Dios

Sound designer
Diana Sagrista

Music Composer
Miguel Torres

Andrés Sierra

Film company
700G Films

Film distributor

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