Rumba 3 - De Ida y Vuelta

Director Joan Capdevila, David Casademunt
Spain / 90 min. / 2015 / Castellano - Catalán


A panegyric to the great mellow fellows of Catalan rumba. The joie de vivre of this trio was a light break in the storm clouds of Francoism. A story of stardom and gas station cassette tapes, brilliant singers and “diabolical” dancers, of kilometers conquered and truly ardent fans, of family ties, poverty and rhythm.    


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A panegyric to the most jubilant Catalan rumba band. The trio's zest for life was like a break in the storm clouds of Francoism. And they weren't born with silver spoons in their mouths, either.  Theirs is a story of stardom and gas station tapes, of brilliant songs and "diabolical" dancers (as one of their wives attests, as she cracks up laughing), of family warmth, poverty and rhythm. It's a story of overcoming: sadness, the abuse to which they were subjected in the school-prison, being born in the boondocks. And it's a story of damned redemption. Of how the Capdevila brothers and their buddy José Sardaña, Barcelonian and mullet-tastic, won all the festivals, made a grey country shimmy, were pursued by tireless groupies and travelled to every corner of the peninsula to one gala or another (risking their lives). It's a story of matrimonial love, despite the tours and wild affairs. A story of family and cohesion and hits. There are eight million stories here. Peret, Lolita, Estopa, Luís Cobos, José Mota and scores more make it crystal clear. They're the best. 


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World Premiere

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Joan Capdevila, Pere Capdevila, José Sardaña, Lolita, José Mota, Estopa, Peret, Justo Molinero, Don Francisco.

Pau Bacardit

Christian Moyés

Film company
Tossa Bella

Film distributor
Tossa Bella

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