Rock Radikal Vasco, la gran martxa de los 80

Director Begoña Atutxa
Spain / 55 min. / 2011 / Spanish, Basque

Paternal silence became the cry of the sons. An enlightening depiction of Spain’s most radical, angry, straight-up (if self-destructive) movement. From Santurtzi to Bilbao, from Zarama and Eskorbuto to Hertzainak and Kortatu.


What had been silenced by blood and fire in the parents became the cry of the children. A cry of disappointment, frustration, violence and rebellion that became known as Basque Radikal Rock. This vital work aims to sum it all up in an enlightening depiction Spain’s most radical angry, straight-up (if self-destructive) movement. A word in the subtitle "The great party of the 80’s" could lead to misunderstandings. There were indeed, all-nighters during those turbulent 80's, but the outcome was a total rebellion against the status quo. From Santurtzi to Bilbao, we visit squats and neighbourhoods in search of the history of RRV (Rock Radikal Vasco), city by city. The important thing, of course, are the bands: Zarama, Hertzainak (pioneers in the use of the Basque language, “Euskara”), Kortatu, Barricada, La Polla Records ("doubly marginalized" for being punks and “more common than muck”); The “tropical Euskadi” who sought to establish the bands Potato & Tijuana in Blue, the Russian roulette of Eskorbuto, Cicatriz or RIP, who lost bandmates to drugs. Members and collaborators dive headfirst into the expansive wave, raising tides and sinking ships.



Premiere type
World Premiere

Showing format
Betacam SP

Roberto Moso, Bernardo Atxaga, Eskorbuto, Potato, Vulpes, Zarama

Fermin Etxegoien

Kike Blaquez, Ibai Elorza

Garikoitz Albizu

Sound designer
Gorka Lara

Music Composer
Israel Santamaria

Music supervisor
Roberto Moso

Edurne Zarandona

Film company
K 2000, S.A.U.

Film distributor

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