Je Suis Venu vous Dire... Gainsbourg par Ginzburg

Director Pierre-Henry Salfati
France / 99 min. / 2011 / French

The French singer-songwriter comes back from the dead to tell his tale in an autobiography assembled through interviews and songs. A broad take, brimming with elegance and depth, about misogyny, women, talent, ugliness/beauty, cynicism and alcoholism.  


The French singer and songwriter comes back from the dead. Not literally, fear not: we’re dealing with an autobiography assembled today from interviews, performances, lyrics and songs taken from various sources over the course of his vast career. The broadness of the perspective and the richness of the source (perhaps the most versatile, talented, poetic, and equally rotten gobshite in Europe) construct a portrait of Serge Gainsbourg that brims with elegance and poignancy. Of course, this doesn’t imply that Gainsbourg doesn’t shout them from the bell tower: it’s worth seeing this documentary for the glorious axioms our nicotine-swathed hero spouts throughout it. His take on sexism (“I was misogyny incarnate”), women, talent (I have talent, not genius”), the inseparable couple: ugliness/beauty (“Faces like mine didn’t exist back then”), cynicism (“A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”), shyness (“I’m not a witty person and I detest clichés. My destiny is to remain silent”) and alcoholism, in addition to spectacular mining of archive footage make Je suis venu vous dire... the perfect epitaph for the showman that devoured the man.


Showing format

in festivals
Festival Distrital

Serge Gainsbourg; Katerina Fedchenk;, Émilie de Preiss; Clément Van den Bergh

Pierre-Henry Salfati, Marianne Anska

Bénédicte Brunet, Pascale Hannoyer

Sound designer
Arnaud Rolland, Francis Wargnier

Music supervisor
Mathieu Dugelay

Miriana Bojic Walter

Film company
Zeta Productions

Film distributor
The Festival Agency

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