Adrià Puntí

Xavier Puig, Raimon Fransoy



78 min.

Català / Castellano


Adrià Punti
Raimon Fransoy , Xavier Puig
Macià Florit, Raimon Fransoy, Julian Kancepolski, Xavier Puig, Marc Ruiz
Jordi C. Corchs
Adrià Puntí
Adrià Puntí
Marc Ruiz, Eulàlia Guarro
Elsabeth Produccions

Elsabeth Produccions

Four minutes drum up the entire career of the ex Umpah-Pah. A dramatic full stop introduces the Puntí of today: shrewd, reflective, delirious, complex. On his street, playing in the town square, or getting worked up to speak. He’s never been this close.  


Four dizzying minutes sum up the career (five LPS and an EP) of the-Umpah-Pah in a bombardment of images, cut-outs and declarations. We see how the group dissolved in 1996, how he turned his hand to theatre acting, then reappeared with the solo album Pep a la llarga and followed it up with two further albums. A dramatic full stop introduces the Puntí of today: shrewd, reflective, delirious and complex. We hang out with him on his street, playing “El bulevard dels xiprers” in the doorway of his house, after strumming the guitar in the town square, and later getting worked up describing the composition process and message of a song. Things that emerge from the darkness and hurt. His non-normality – separated from normality by a fine line – is presented here as a creative well, a vital tap, harking back to that line by Nelson Algren: “When guys like you and me get square, we’re dead”. Or, as Puntí himself affirms: “I love what I have right here more than anything I see out there”. Puntí, misunderstood at times, but utterly unique, has never been this close.


Elsabeth is made up of Xavier Puig, Raimon Fransoy and Marcos Ruiz. They’ve made incursions into various audiovisual fields: videoclips for pop groups, documentaries, fiction series and projections for live shows. 


Xavier Puig, Raimon Fransoy and Adrià Puntí will introduce the film on Tuesday 30th at 20:00h at Aribau Club 1.

Barcelona Screenings
Tuesday 30 20:00 Aribau Club 1
Friday 2 18:30 Aribau Club 2