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20 Feet from Stardom

Morgan Neville - United States – 2013 – 87’

A poem to the chorus girls of pop and soul. The female face of Standing In The Shadows of Motown. They were the ones in the background on the stage, six meters from stardom. Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger look to the chorus line and ask for more.

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A Band Called Death

Mark Covino, Jeff Howlett - United States – 2012 – 96’

It don’t get no stranger than this: a band of young black guys with a morbid name, playing punk in '70's Detroit. A secret saga of race, stubbornness, failure and rebirth, cheered on by Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, Jello Biafra, Elijah Wood, and many more.


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A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek

Howard S. Berger, Susan Stahman - United States – 2013 – 109’

An exhaustive review of the first r'n'r producer, sonic magus and English genius. Rock royalty is interviewed (Jimmy Page, Alex Kapranos) along with the entire punk-rocker armada. There's vision, madness, queerness and unbelievable records. Fans! 

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AKA Doc Pomus

Peter Miller, William Hechter - Canada, United States – 2012 – 99’

All greatness comes from pain. The life of Doc Pomus, composer of numerous hits (for Elvis and others) in a beautiful blues to disability, solitude and perseverance. The full Hall of Fame sings his praises, from Lou  Reed and Dion, to Phil Spector and Ben E. King.

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Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film

Hanly Banks - United States – 2012 – 61’

Callahan talking to America. A trip with the inexpressive and introverted musician (formerly known as Smog), through the factories, parks and concerts. Rituals, songs and reflections on symbols (and on his country) glide across the screen like an aquatic stream.


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Basically, Johnny Moped

Fred Burns - United Kingdom – 2013 – 77’

The weirdest and truest punk of all. Chrissie Hynde, Captain Sensible, Shane McGowan and Billy Childish, plus the original Mopeds weave a documentary about authenticity and lunacy that rolls at the speed of speed, packed with energy and hilarious stories. 

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Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker

Lily Keber - United States – 2013 – 98’

Dr. John calls him "the best black, queer, one-eyed junky that ever came out of New Orleans". An intoxicating vision of the eccentric and tragic genius of R&B piano, with astonishing images and great praise by Allen Toussaint, Harry Connick Jr and Irma Thomas, among others. 

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Beat This! A Hip Hop-History

Dick Fontaine - United Kingdom – 1984 – 59’

Fontaine catches hip-hop in its inception, with a narrative work that’s as original and electric as an alien film. The apocalyptic Bronx, Kool Herc, “Planet Rock”, B-Boys, rapping chicks…  All the films that came after took a slice from this one.


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Beware of Mr. Baker

Jay Bulger - United States – 2012 – 90’

Two minutes into the film the director lashes out. We present you the  shittiest, craziest, most unfriendly, fantastic drummer in rock: the redheaded devil, the gem that is Ginger Baker. Insults to the illustrious, fights, smack, jazz, Cream, epiphanies and offended offspring. Careful ‘cos this one bites.

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Big Easy Express

Emmett Malloy - United States – 2012 – 67’

Just like that Festival Express of 1970, but with Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. One train, three bands and miles of mandolin and violin, in a whirlwind of jams, concerts, old music and brotherhood. 

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Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Drew DeNicola, Olivia Mori - United States – 2012 – 113’

Glorious and luxurious exploration of the best group of the '70s and great unremembereds of pop. Uniqueness, talent, rotten luck and various fatalitieis. The Indie rock A-list is at their feet: Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and company. 

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Brothers Hypnotic

Reuben Atlas - United States – 2013 – 85’

Eight brothers on the winds: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Sons of an anti-establishment jazz legend and heirs to his values. A study on social responsibility, integrity and unity, but also a superb story of father, mother, and brothers: blood.

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Bustamante Perkins

Pep Garrido, Xesc Cabot - Spain – 2013 – 97’

We enter the peaceful daily life of this Valencian songwriter, who, since 1979 has humanized Mediterranean pop with his youthful enthusiasm and calm ways. Garlic, tangerines, clothes on the line, great melodies and him, doing his thing. A wise man that's well worth reviving. 

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Chulas Fronteras

Les Blank, Chris Strachwitz - United States – 1976 – 58’

The definitive film about Tex-Mex. Neither Mexicans nor Texans: This is norteño music from the border, musical history amid tamales, chicken barbecues, family, cock fights, brutal work and police brutality. Ah, and the very best sing for us (Flaco Jiménez among them). 

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Cuchíbiri cuchíbiri

Carles Prats - Spain – 2013 – 85’

Cuchíbiri cuchíbiri is the history of Catalan rumba according to Peret. His gospels from La Cera Street to the new generations. Stories of stardom and desertion, and a revision by friends like Chacho and Ramonet. And a lot of venting, live and now.

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Dick Fontaine Shorts

Dick Fontaine - United Kingdom – 1968 – 77’

Fontaine examines four incorruptible musicians (of jazz and the avant-garde) through various lenses: an artistic analysis of theory/practice (Sound???), a formal profile (Who is Sonny Rollins?) and a snapshot of a moment (Who's crazy, Ornette Coleman). 

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Alex Winter - United States – 2012 – 106’

Rebellion or robbery? The rise and fall of Napster, the downloads site that eclipsed the record industry and gave Metallica an ictus. A fascinating film about hackers, legal battles, the genesis of the digital age and cyber-fetishism. Today’s world started here.

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Duran Duran: Unstaged

David Lynch - United States – 2013 – 112’

An hour and forty minutes of live hits ("Rio", "Flat Planet Earth", "Girls on Film"), collaborations (Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, Beth Ditto from Gossip, Kelis) and a most special director: David Lynch. Steamy, experimental and singable.

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El Peor Dios

Alex Montes, Daniel Arasanz, Nicolás Tarela - Spain – 2013 – 86’

Self-destruction. Drugs. Crime. Punk. So unravels the impossible tragedy of Desechables, the definitive damned band. Al members (including Tere Desechable) explain the darkness, the vice and the bad luck that plagued the Cramps of the suburbs.

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Enzo Avitabile Music Life

Jonathan Demme - Italy – 2012 – 80’

Jonathan Demme records his favourite musician, Enzo Avitabile. A session of world fusion with scenes of the artist at home and in the world. Cubans chip in (Eliades Ochoa, of the Buena Vista Social Club), Palestinians, Iraqis, Indians, and Spaniards. The international musical. 

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